Fight the Clutter

Money spent on groceries today:

7.50 Euro. Most of it went to the usual dairy staples we need for the rest of the week (cheese, milk, buttermilk, joghurt), the rest to some vegetables.

I also tackled what qualifies as my ´pantry´.. basically it´s a deep drawer, which isn´t very handy because I tend to stack things on top of each other and then forget what´s there.

There are still some stacks, but at least I saw everything again, and I know what I can work with the next couple of weeks. I didn´t have to throw away too much - except for the contents of some tupperwares that had been living in the fridge since before our trip to Tallinn!

Dinner tonight will be free (at least for me!). Tomorrow, pork with white beans and sage.

Another thing to think about. When I go on a trip, I usually bring back edible souvenirs. And my friends also often bring me stuff from their travels. For some reason, I hesitate to use these things. I want to save them for a special occasion, but can never seem to decide on when that special occasion might be. And before you know it, the expiration date has passed (even though sometimes these are things that stay good for years - when those years have passed by, it will.. eventually... go bad).
I need to start using the maple syrup a visiting eGulleter gave me, the lingonberry honey I bought in Tallinn, the pozole and Mexican chocolate Mark brought me back from his last trip to Arizona, the rosemary seasalt Marieke brought me from Corsica, the cocoa nibs I bought on Bainbridge island more than 2 years ago (they don´t have an expiration date, but I´m guessing these have indefinite shelf life).

Shop in my own pantry!


Anonymous said...

Leuke uitdaging, Klary! Maarre, zou je niet eens beginnen met opruimen? Ik zie zo al twee bussen poedersuiker.

Ik benmomenteel mijn vriezer weer aan het leegeten. Dat is ook zo'n kostenpost: je stopt er restjes in die je uiteindelijk toch weggooit.

Klary Koopmans said...

haha, dat zijn geen 2 bussen poedersuiker, het zijn twee foto´s van dezelfde la, de ene onopgeruimd, de nadere opgeruimd.... Kennelijk is het voor en na verschil niet echt duidelijk zichtbaar;)

elizabeth said...

I have the same drawer storage, and things can be piled on top of one another (especially former yogurt containers) it is too easy to forget what is what...

I also do the same with special food/spice items, thinking it should not be used until the right time/date, special event - and then, somehow forget. SO, I am going to attempt to use at least a little of everything, even for an everyday meal to make it all the more special. :D

Anonymous said...

Oeps! Sorry, ik zag het niet!