Dinner, January 30

Linguine with a creamy blue cheese sauce, sauteed yellow bell pepper, rocket and pine nuts.

Rocket 1.00 (used only part of the 1.49 packet)
Pepper 0.70
Blue cheese 1.53
milk, pasta, pine nuts, olive oil and garlic from the pantry.

The verdict: this was a good, satisfying pasta dish, perfect for a Friday night after 1 or 2 drinks at the office. Would have been better with a higher quality cheese, and would have been nicer with walnuts (which I wanted to buy, but I stopped myself, because I knew I had pine nuts in the pantry).


MEM said...
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MEM said...

I don't know who that last comment sounded like, but it wasn't me: congrats on the budget experiment.

Secrets of our success are nothing fun: less shopping and vegetarianism made a big difference.