Meatless Week, May 24-31

nettle tops

Hello, I'm back.

It's not that I did not have anything to tell. I have a backlog of recipes (purple potatosoup, another millet pilaf), oh and a trip to the beach to post pictures of, and there's still 5 days of London eating waiting to be blogged about, an underground farmers market and the 150 muffins I baked, not to mention a ton of bacon jam. No shortage of subjects. Just a shortage of time, energy and blogging-inspiration.

So, when I read about Lorna Yee's Meatless Week Challenge over on her blog The Cookbook Chronicles, I decided that a challenge like that was just what I needed to get me committed to regular blogging again. I've been thinking about doing something like this myself. I always say we don't eat a lot of meat, but what I really mean by that is that we don't often eat large steaks or whole chickens or huge roasts. We do eat a lot of 'hidden' meat - bits of bacon in pasta dishes, meatballs, soups based on meat and chicken stocks. Even though I don't eat a pound of meat a day, I do adore the flavor of meat and I don't think I ever went a whole week without a single piece of animal protein. So why would I want to do that, anyway? Besides the obvious environmental reasons and concerns about animal welfare? I simply think that cooking vegetarian food forces you to be more creative in the kitchen. I wrote a little bit about that here.

This week will be that week. Well, not quite. More about that later.. For reasons I'll explain later in the week, I decided to cheat one day during this challenge. To sort of make up for that, I did start meatless Week one day early. So for us, Saturday, May 22 was the first meatless day of the week.

I decided to chronicle not only what I make for dinner but also snacks and lunches, because that's where the little bits of meat most often sneak in.

Saturday, May 22

The ususal yoghurt and granola breakfast.
Lunch: 2 latte´s and a croissant with butter, and later 2 slices of bread with peanut butter.

Creamy nettle soup with cubes of fried potato
Salad of wheat berries, roasted green asparagus, basil, toasted cashews and ricotta


Lorna Yee said...

Oh my, Klary--that soup and salad looks incredible! Your menu today is far more interesting than mine. I agree, cooking meatless forces one to be more creative in the kitchen.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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