Meatless Week, Day 2: After the Pub

You know that kind of dinner?

The 'we're home from the pub and had a couple of very strong beers now what's in the fridge oh not much damn we're hungry'... and then you get every little bag and jar out on the counter and throw in the last frozen corn tortilla's and with your head slightly spinning you whip up a creamy mustard dressing AND a tomato basil salsa AND you fry up some mushrooms to stuff your quesadilla's AND grind some allspice to make allspice and ancho roasted butternut squash AND at the very last minute fry up some eggs because, you know, you're just so hungry'?

That kind of dinner.

It was good.

Parsley salad, creamy mustard dressing, ancho and allspice roasted butternut squash, fried eggs.

Goats cheese and fried mushroom quesadillas with tomato/basil/lime salsa

The very best thing, was that it was the First Dinner on the Balcony of 2010.

I love our view.


racheld said...

i love your view, as well---just exactly what I'd wish of a balcony dinner.

The "fridge scavenge" was probably the most successful and downright pretty I think I've ever heard of.

Zora said...

Oh, so delightful! Not only does the food look great, but I can hear you saying all those words exactly. And that is a great view.

MEM said...

I was thinking about you guys yesterday, wondering what you were doing with your sunny Sunday...seems like it turned out just dandy.