Oh, Joy.

I found a four leaf clover
In my yard today
It had one leaf missing of it
But that was okay.
Looking it over I could easily see
that four was really only just one more than three
That's close enough for me
Must be
My lucky day!

(Todd Snider, Slim Chance)

This is me, looking at a tequila sampler with happy anticipation.

That night of tequila drinking has long passed (the sampler of 3 was followed by a number of margarita's... all I know is I lost count, that I had a splendid time, but that the Morning After was not so splendid and see here for the complete story, in Dutch). But I came across this picture recently, and, blurry as it is, it seemed to portray exactly how I feel when I look at the month of April.

I love April. It usually brings the first sunny weather, that very first time you can sit outside without a coat, wine glass in hand. You need it so so bad after the winter that was filled with cold sleety grey wetness. Those first rays of really warm sunshine, almost as exciting as a first kiss (and of course, April lends itself very well to the more human types of first kisses, too).

Besides the promise of budding leaves and spring weather, April always brings a flurry of social activities and parties. There are birthdays, lots of them (one of them, my own). There always seem to be an unreasonable amount of impromptu gatherings and festivities. Maybe it's the longer days and brighter skies that make people more flexible and more outgoing?

The upcoming week alone, I'm looking at a last-minute dinner guest, lunch with old friends at Yamazato, a birthdayparty, a house guest, fixing dinner for a singer and her guitarist, baking brownies for 60 people, another birthday party, 7 guests for brunch on Sunday, my own birthdaydinner - which, for once, I won't be cooking myself -, prepping for a food-filled trip to London, and, and, and, I'm getting a litle breathless just thinking about it all.

It would almost make me forget that I had another of those spring-firsts today.
It's pink, it makes my heart sing, I love it way more than tequila.

Welcome, Spring.


racheld said...

Rhubarb!!! I always enjoy your enjoyment of it, and the way you serve it is always beautiful.

But your WEEK!!! Makes me Plumb Tard Out to hear it.

And Happy Birthday!

Klary Koopmans said...

my own birthday isn't until the 26th, Rachel.. reports will follow!

MEM said...

What's the other kind of kiss? Sounds racy.

Klary Koopmans said...

yeah that sentence was a bit weird.. fixed it. But yes, I meant the racy kind...

klarakapucine said...

You are nogal what van plan !
Veel plezier/succes en birthdayvoorpret.