daffodils and reese´s

What´s your food-weakness? The thing you cannot resist? The thing you have to buy whenever you see it, have to it whenever it´s in the house? Probably you´ll have more than one. And some of them are easier to resist than others.

One of my major, major weaknesses is anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate. But, no, wait. Not just anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate. The main thing to make a PB&C treat absolutely irresistible, is the fact that the peanut butter has to be slightly salty. A sweet piece of candy, consisting of creamy salty nut butter, and chocolate. The chocolate can be anything really, from the sweet and mellow milk variety to intensely dark and bitter. It´s all good, but the nuts Have To Be Salty.

reese´s nutrageous

Oh and can I have a piece of this, please?

white reese´s

I´m a big fan of the classic Reese´s cup. When we´re in the US, I always get varieties of Reese´s whenever we have to stop for gas.. it´s one of those ultimate guilty holiday pleasures. Now, unfortunately, some one had to inform me that the Avondmarkt around the corner has started selling about 6 different Reese´s candies.. right next to the check-out.. oh boy.

I had the Nutrageous before and had forgotten I did not like it: too sweet because of the caramel. But, the white Reese´s cup is delicious. Help me.


Maartje! said...

Oooh, the Avondmarkt is around my corner as well. I should go there, I never had these peanutbutter thingies!

My own weakness? I think it is hard to resist anything containing cheese.

racheld said...

I'd help you in a minute, Sweetpea, with the unwrapping and the savoring and the nirvanish bliss which comes from holding a bite of that chocolaty-salty-rich confection all melty on the tongue.

My aid would extend to helping select a dozen or so of the fat orange packets from the shelf, to toy delicately with for a delightful beginning, then we'd get down to business with the dark chocolate, the white, then back to the original---just for research purposes, you understand.

We'd . . .Oh, you DID mean to help you get into the swing of things didn't you?

Certainly you didn't want help in withdrawal?

Reese-sistence is futile.

MEM said...

Yeah, the white ones are good. Sorry!!! You would have found out eventually, right?