The problem with wine

I have a good friend whose favorite thing to say, after taking the first sip of a glass of wine/beer/jenever, is: "Aaaaahhhhh... a drink always makes you feel better."

And I tend to agree with him, most of the time, except when you spill half of your much needed drink on the keyboard of of your laptop, which then proceeds to make all sorts of very disturbing noises. It did start up again, but with all the keys confused, and many functions not functioning at all.

(All this right before a very nice dinner of tomato bulgur pilaf, pan fried haloumi, and a roasted green bean/olive/mint salad).

So I called the laptop doctor this morning who told me to unplug the laptop, take out the battery, and not do anything with it for a week.


My knees started shaking and I almost cried. Well, no, I actually cried.

I'm typing this on another computer, where I don't have the things I need to work, to blog, to write, to work. I can check my email and look up the occasional tidbit of info, but other than that, I think there will be computer silence this week.

And after that, who knows what the diagnosis will be. Let's try not to think about that now.

So, there won't be much blogging going on for a while. I'll document my meals and grocery spending, and hopefully, in about a week, will have a plethora of catching up posts for you.

I guess this means I'll have to go and clean the bathroom.. no excuses now, right?



MEM said...

I think a week is excessive...if it were me, I'd try again after 48 hours. But I'm known for being tough on hardware.

MEM said...

BTW, I think I'm getting used to seeing your blog in English...hope you're getting something out of it too...

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you! ;) And I hope that after this week you'll be able to post about that dinner of tomato bulgur pilaf, pan fried haloumi, and a roasted green bean/olive/mint salad, because it really sounds delicious! Recipes will be much appreciated :)

kattebelletje said...

Ooow. Hope all goes well again. I have heard of recovered laptops, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Stormy Sands said...

It'll be fine. And if for some reason it isn't, well, "a drink always makes you feel better."