The Dynasty Chronicles: I did not watch it for the food

Jeanette the chambermaid, and Mrs. Gunnerson the cook, indulging in a late night snack whilst discussing Blake Carrington´s methods for dealing with stress

Fallon and Jeff enjoying the rare home cooked dinner: Fallon made Boeuf Buorguignonne, they´re drinking red wine (which they keep calling ´vino´("Hey, I brought some vino", "Would you like another glass of vino?") but what´s that big white thing on the table?

Muis knows her priorities. "I don´t care which crap show you´re watching, as long as you give me a little love every now and then".


bill said...
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kattebelletje said...

isn't that big white thing on the table a cookie jar or something?

Klary Koopmans said...

on closer inspection I think it might be a rice cooker!