Seal the Deal

As of yesterday, D. and I are the proud owners of something beautiful. We went to pick it up at Suzanne´s studio, and then we all had dinner together to celebrate the transaction. Originally dinner was to be at our place, but because Suzanne has a little toddler toddling around who is most comfortable in his own home, we brought dinner to them.

I made this chicken pie, something I made several times before. I remember I used to think it was a fiddly thing to make, but when I made it yesterday (after 3 hours of chopping, frying, pureeing and sauteeing), this chicken pie was, well, easy as pie, and real good comfort food for a cold and dark december evening. The fact that we all tried on reindeer ears certainly added to the cheer. I´m still not really ready for the Christmas mood, but I´m getting there.. slowly. Reindeer ears help!

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