I went to Berlin and all I saw was my hotel room

And not for any fun reasons, if that's what you're thinking.

We arrived on Saturday in a Berlin that was even colder and icier and snowier that the Amsterdam we had left. During the 7 hour train ride my sinues got so clogged that I could not taste or smell a thing, and my head felt like it wanted to burst open and spill its rotten contents all over the snowy white streets. We had made a reservation at Renger Patzsch, and we did go and eat there, and the food looked pretty and interesting, but was completely wasted on me (Dennis said it tasted good). It all went down hill from there. Dennis got sick too, and we did not leave the hotel room for a couple of days, except to get something to eat every now and then, and to take a steam bath in a sauna nearby.

I don't even have a single picture to show for this trip. Boohoo. Better luck next time. The brief glimpses I caught of the city were promising, and made me want to visit again. When I'm in good health, and preferably in the summer, when we can walk in the park and drink beer in the sun. Ah how good that sounds right now.

There was one tiny little culinary event that took place about 15 minutes before we caught our train back home. But I can't write about it now because it involves eating something ridiculously calorific, and we're starting a week of non-fat eating today (with a brief interlude on Saturday when we're going out to dinner with my parents). So more about that later.


racheld said...

I'm so sorry you were too ill to enjoy your trip!! A trip to Berlin is as exotic to me as a trip to Mars---I forget that you can take a train.

Feel better and enjoy your dinner with your parents!! I hope the tastebuds are working great, and the food is fabulous.

MEM said...

Boo, boo, boo! That is total sjeisse. You must try again, indeed!

L Vanel said...

Dear Klary, I am so sorry you got sick! I also picked up something along the way a couple of weeks ago. It can really run you down. Take care of yourself.

Klary Koopmans said...

thanks guys. Feeling much better again!