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Some things never change: the chicken in red wine sauce I thought I pulled from the freezer turns out to be a bag of roasted brussels sprouts.

The year 2010 waits for me with tons of opportunities to become more efficient, to do things better, be more organized. But somehow I doubt that I will start labeling my freezer bags this year. I don´t want to push it, really.

New Years resolutions that might be realistic:

make more soup
see more movies
read more books
have more people over for spur of the moment casual dinners
blog a little more.

Happy 2010!

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racheld said...

From YOUR kitchen, a bag of roasted Brussels sprouts would be a feast befitting a party.

And I concur with all your wishes for the coming year, especially the blogging part---I love to see the little counter say you've just posted.

Best to you both for a bright and shiny New Year!!