The Lucky Ones

This is a first: reporting about a Vegetarian Duck dinner while VDucks main chef and blogger is far far away.. We were fortunate enough to get an invitation from the lovely Miss Duck, who cooked and sliced and chopped and folded and hosted an entirely Vietnamese dinner party.

Here's what we had:
goi cuon - fresh basil spring rolls with nuoc cham and hoisin
banh xep chay - yellow lentil and caramelized onion dumplings with scallion oil and spicy soy sauce
canh chua tom - sour shrimp soup
banh khoai mi - cassava and coconut cake
kem choui - banana coconut peanut ice

The Goi Cuon and the soup were my favorites last night (both so fresh and vibrant and spicy), but as I'm looking at the pictures this morning, it's the dumplings that make my mouth water. I also thought that the scallion oil was genius - I have a low tolerance for raw scallions (or any raw member from the allium family, really) and with this method, you still get some freshness and crunch, but not the acrid harshness that I hate about raw onions. Note to self: must steam me some dumplings... soon.

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MEM said...

Can't believe I missed it! Did you really like the scallion oil? This is something I used to use a lot in Mexican cooking too....