Where did the words go?

I have no clue.

Tonight I´m supposed to attend the final meeting of my writing class. Judging by the activity on this blog the past couple of weeks, this course hasn´t really done me much good.. there has never been less writing, or less inspired writing.

So hopefully, the end of this course will mark the beginning of a new writing phase? Because I tend to do everything backwards, anyway.

The good news is, that I have been cooking. And while I didn´t cook anything new or adventurous on Saturday, I did spend a couple of hours shopping, chopping, stirring and crimping and stuffing and frying.

And that felt pretty good.

There was a nice rendition of this,
there was a whole plate of very sticky potstickers, Fuchsia Dunlop´s Bang Bang chicken (see here for the recipe) and some simple but perfect gai lan (stirfried with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and a little rice wine). Oh and there was champagne, in the middle of dinner, which is something that should be done more often!

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kattebelletje said...

Ha! I was right about the Sichuan pepper after all ;-)