Let there be Light

We´ve lived here for 6 months now. You would think the house would be ready by now -sadly, not. There´s still a daunting list of things that need to be done before this place will be just perfect. Mind you, no one else would notice it isn´t perfect yet. So it´s very easy to just ignore the list and get on with our lives - which is hard work enough!

But there are some things that cannot, will not be ignored. Like the fact that we still had no lamp over our dining room table. This was no problem in the summertime, but the last 2 weeks we had dinner by candle light - which is romantic indeed, but not very practical when you´re trying not to choke on fishbones, or trying to avoid putting whole chiles in your mouth.

We´d been looking for the Right Lamp for 6 months. Today, we gave up and reinstalled our old lamp - the one that we´ve had over our dining room table for years and years, the one I thought I was really sick of.

And guess what? it looks just fine. No - it looks great. It´s a new lamp, in a new house. And when wintertime kicks in tonight, we´re ready for it!

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