Spending, no spending

A little update:
Money spent on groceries yesterday: zero. So what did we eat? As luck would have it, a belated, unexpected Christmas gift from relatives landed in my purse, and we decided to spend it immediately. So we had a reckless night on the town which involved, beers, jenevers and a really good dinner at Levant. (Possibly more about that later).

I guess you could call that kind of behavior penny-wise, pound-foolish. Yesterday, we preferred to call it seizing the moment.

Money spent on groceries today: 22.50 euros, which includes a bottle of wine to take to our friends house tonight. Because yes, we were lucky enough to get another dinner invitation this weekend. But tomorrow, there will be some cooking - and a cheap dinner - I promise.

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MEM said...

I for one would like to hear about how Levant was....