Home sweet home

I´m typing this on my own dear laptop, at my own desk, enjoying my own view (even if the view is grey skies and drops of rain on the window - I don´t care)- it took the laptop about 6 days to receover from its hangover, and then, miraculously, he (she?) was completely fine again. Oh joy.

Other updates.
Dinner on Thursday was leek and ham quiche (money spent on groceries: 5.00 euros).
On Friday Dennis had leftovers, and I went to a bar and had beer for dinner (and half a pizza).
Yesterday I spent 30 euros on groceries (which included a bottle of cheap every day olive oil, and 40 roses). For dinner we had chipotle marinated salmon, fried sweet potatoes and guacamole - which tasted a lot better than it looks in the picture, I´m sorry about that garish seventies color scheme. I also made a huge pot of ragú yesterday, which will be dinner for 2 nights: tossed with penne tonight, turned into lasagne tomorrow. The ragú has beef (stewing beef cut into tiny cubes, a lot of work to prep but the end result is so much better than using ground beef) pancetta and chicken livers. I can´t wait.

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