What am I doing?

Tomato sauce, raisins, plantains, lime juice.

Another clue: a ton of lard and a messy counter.

Final clue: puree, sieve, repeat. Puree, sieve, repeat. Puree, sieve.................


MEM said...

Oooh, I know this one. You should have people over.

racheld said...

I'm still at a loss for that particular combination, but since your talents lead you to cooking from cuisines I don't know about, please explain???

The sauce itself sounds delicious to start with, but all the lard and straining, etc.---I was thinking tamales, or something stuffed into a banana leaf.

Is the lard IN the dish, or used for frying? I'm intrigued.

Klary Koopmans said...

Hi Rachel, it was Mole! pictures of the end result will follow, but I left my camera somewhere..