Links to Dutch recipes on my eGullet Dutch Food thread

Just for once, in English...

Since October 2005, I've been working on a thread on eGullet about Dutch food and cooking. I've made and demonstrated everything from bitterballen to appeltaart, and succeeded in convincing homecooks from Canada to New Zealand to make sudderlapjes (or butter braised beef as the English name now is), to rave reviews. Cooks from all over the world keep the thread alive with their renditions of these recipes. And although I think I have made most of the classics, there are still many regional, lesser known Dutch specialties on my list.

With the large amount of recipes on the thread, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find recipes within the thread. So I thought I'd compile a list of links, here on my blog, where I can easily edit that list whenever new recipes are added.

Boterkoek Buttery, gingerflavored pastry
Friese dumkes Aniseed hazelnut cookies
Gevulde koeken Almond pastries
Gevulde speculaas Speculaas pastries with almond filling
Appeltaart Applepie
Kruidkoek Spicy gingerbread
Sukerbole Frisian sugarbread
Oliebollen Deepfried, Dutch New Years Eve pastries
Oliebollenmuffins A low fat version of Oliebollen. Thanks Cadbury from Australia!
Tulband Candied fruit cake
Weespermoppen Almond cookies
Jan Hagel Sugar cinnamon cookies
Kletskoppen Lacy almond cookies
Limburgse rijstevlaai Ricetart from Limburg
Banket Almond paste in puffpastry
Koggetjes Caramel cookies
Kerstkransjes Christmas wreath cookies

Stoofperen Braised Dutch pears
Bitterkoekjespudding Almond-flavored custard/pudding
Griesmeelpudding Semolinapudding
Haagse bluf
Hopjesvla Caramel custard

Snacks, first courses, appetizers
Bacon pancakes
Bitterballen Deepfried little meat croquettes
Boerenmeisjes Duch apricot liqueur
Karnemelksepap Buttermilk porridge with raisins
Advocaat Dutch brandy/egg liqueur
Palingbroodjes Smoked eel rolls
Goudse kaasbolletjes Cheesebiscuits
Kaaspannenkoek Cheese pancake
Slemp Spiced milk
Shrimp cocktail
Pasteitjes met kalfsragout Veal ragout in puff pastry

Sudderlapjes aka Butter braised beef
Snert Erwtensoep - Dutch split pea soup
Groentesoep met balletjes Vegetablesoup with meatballs
Pik in 't potje Potato & hardboiled egg mash
Zeeuwse mosselsoep Musselsoup from Zeeland
Kapiteinsmaal The Captain's dinner: kapucijnerpeas with all the trimmings
Gebraden kip aka as Butter braised chicken
Hutspot Potato, carrot, parsnip-mash
Knien in't zoer Sweet and sour braised rabbit
Hete bliksem "Hot lightning", apple & potatomash
Andijviestamppot Escarolemash
Hachee Beef & onion stew with vinegar
Slavinken Bacon wrapped meat patties


Ashleigh said...

Thanks so much Klary! You should write a book in English with all these recipes in it. I always struggle to find a book that is truly representative of Dutch recipes to give to visitors.

MEM said...

OK, look at this...you're halfway to a cookbook here! Let me know when you start needing tasters and testers...

Valisa said...

Prachtig!!! Gevulde koeken zijn mijn favoriet nederlandse koeken! I am definitely going to try the recipes ;-)
Hartelijk bedankt!

Lauri said...

I have read your threads and this page with much interest. Thanks so much for all of the great recipes. If there is any way you could help me in obtaining a good dutch stroopwafel recipe, it would be appreciated more than you know. I have a stroopwafel iron (not a pizelle iron) and have tried multiple recipes but none of them seems quite right. The cookie portion is always too bland, not sweet enough and/or not enough cinnamon. An authentic version would be wonderful!!

Tjaart said...

Dear Klary Koopmans

What a mouthwatering blog! I am a South African of Frisian descent and love cooking Dutch dishes to compare them with what may have become of them here in our country. Although the connection is often tenuous and remote, I find Dutch cooking in itself absolutely delicious! Thank you, also for the felling of authenticity about your food.

drtisbeter said...

Do you have a recipe for the little fresh salads you find at the Albert Heijn these day, their ham and cheese salad (tiny little cubes of ham and cheese in some kind of creamy substance, egg and chive salad, cheese and mustard etc. They are all based on this creamy something that makes them spreadable, any idees on how to make these???

drtisbeter said...

Do you have a recipe for the little fresh salads you find at the Albert Heijn these day, their ham and cheese salad (tiny little cubes of ham and cheese in some kind of creamy substance, egg and chive salad, cheese and mustard etc. They are all based on this creamy something that makes them spreadable, any idees on how to make these???

Klary Koopmans said...

drtisbeter: the 'creamy something' in those salad is mayonaise! basically add whatever you like to a thinnish mayo and you have your salad!

Unknown said...


Thank you very much for this blog. I grew up in Indonesia (which was Dutch colony) and I grew up eat most of the food you posted in your blog. I am now living in Aust. Your blog help me to cook the food and bring back all my childhood memories


Suganya said...

Is this your image? If yes, was it copied with your permission?


Klary Koopmans said...

Imelda, thank you so much. I'm glad my recipes brought back happy memories for you.

Suganya, yes, that is my image, and it was used without permission or giving me credit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I posted a comment on that blog, I'm curious to see what will happen...

L and P said...

Thank you--this is the best list that I have found for Dutch Food. My family went to Holland in 2006 as my Father's side of the family immigrated from Holland to the US in the 1920's. My father recently passed away and we wanted to have a Dutch meal to commemorate our trip, heritage and great memories!

Laura said...

misschien nog het recept voor saucijzenbroodjes erbij?

Anonymous said...

Thank You Klary. We are all so lucky to have found you. My question is: can you give a recipe for slagroom truffles.These chocolates with their whipped creme filling are so delicious!! Thanks! Kari

Anonymous said...

Hi Klary,
Would it be possible to post a recipe for "Bitterkoekjes"?
Thank you for your great blog!

Klary Koopmans said...

HI Annemieke, I've never made bitterkoekjes myself, I've heard it's hard to achieve the characteristic chewiness. Are you Dutch? I've seen a number of recipes (in Dutch) online.

catlike said...

Do you take requests? I'd love to find a good, authentic recipe for Ontbijtkoek :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im trying to identity myself in google but I always fail.
Thanks so much for the recipe,Im Chinese born in East Java Province, its a pity in Indonesia currently people like western JUNK food :( I always try to search Peranakan ( MIx Chinese, Europe, Java) food the real home made..Love your recipe,reminds me my childhood and something we have to find in certain local Indo cafe. Let me share to other friends..Lilly

Margret van der Valk said...

I would also love a recipe for slagroom truffels. I used to buy them for my Oma in Amsterdam and sneak one out of the bag for myself. They are heavenly!

Unknown said...

Hi Annemieke, love the recipes. Brings back my childhood. Do you have a recipe for huzerensesalaad? Sorry for spelling...meat and potato salad?

Anonymous said...

Hello, So glad to have discovered your blog with all these delicious recipes. I noticed in the comments that folks are making suggestions for upcoming posts and thought I'd add mine in the hopes of seeing the recipe one day. It is for mokkaladies which are available at C1000 in NL but sadly not in CDA. They are a cookie like tart bottom filled with mokka cream and topped with chocolate glaze. We just can't figure out how to replicate the delicious base. Waiting with bated breath...;)

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful !!
Thank you for sharing. ❤️