First, there was silence because I was just plain lazy (I could make up excuses, but what's the use?). And now there will be silence for a little while longer, because yesterday, right after I had organized all my holiday pictures and was getting ready to post some more food details of our amazing trip... the screen of my laptop turned blacker than black, and would not respond to any of my pokings and proddings and would not listen even when I started to beg.

And I did not even pour some wine over it this time.

So, I have my little cute baby laptop, but that feels wrong to work on for longer periods, and Picasa doesn't function on it the way it should, and besides I don't have my photo archive on it, and anyway, I just want my own laptop. The one with the dirty keyboard and the overloaded desktop and my Patty Griffin wallpaper.

I know, I'm a baby. Let's hope the black screen will turn colorfull again real soon.

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MEM said...

boo. my baby laptop says hi. and oh yeah, that thing is happening again where any mail i send to you gets sent back to me, so that's why you may have been sitting there wondering why i was ignoring your emails.