It was 14 years ago today

(hey, I make the rules, I can break them too. Not blogging is harder than I thought.. so let´s just say I´ll be blogging low profile for a while - less words, more pictures).

Thought of the day:
An anniversary dinner should be just like a marriage.

Delicious, not too complicated, sometimes messy, taking a chance (eating out even when it´s a little too windy), good enough to lick your fingers, not worrying about cleaning up, informal. Did I mention delicious?

Tearing up a roasted chicken together comes pretty close.


Judith Klinger said...

Happy Anniversary!! You had "Caveman Chicken". that's what we call tearing up a chicken with your hands and licking everything clean.
Know what you mean about less words and more pics.
Big hug to you and Denis,
Jude and Jeff

racheld said...

The perfect metaphor for a delicious occasion.

Many felicitations and good wishes on your FOURTEENTH!!

I hope this is right---I looked it up:

Best wensen op uw Verjaardag!

Klary Koopmans said...

thanks Judith!
racheld.. verjaardag means birthday, and as hard as it was to turn 40, I´m glad I did not turn 14 yesterday! ;)

racheld said...

I KNEW that was the word you used in your birthday post---thought perhaps it might be interchangeable.

Klary, You'll be an eternal teenager!!

L Vanel said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more!