Birthday Dinner, in pictures

brwoning 4 kilos of lamb

Browning 4 kilos of lamb shoulder takes a loooooong time.


Endives ready for roasting

table shot 2

The table shot

drinking and whipping

why not have a glass of wine while you're whipping a liter of cream?

a lot of cream

That´s a lot of cream.


Breakfast the next day looks almost exactly like the first course at the night of the party.


Except when your name is Dennis.

More later.. including recipes for what were my personal favorites of the evening: pear hazelnut trifle, and a very un-photogenic, but truly delicious and very addictive black olive tapenade.

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racheld said...

Thank you, Thank you, Klary!!!

You could do this again every day, adding the menu, the recipes, the step-by-step, and I'd be mesmerized.

I do believe that you and Lucy Vanel give the most elegant parties of any hosts I've ever seen. Perhaps it's that European flair, or the expectations and taste of your crowd, or your own talents and pride and the love you put into Dennis' party every year.

And you're just standing there, smiling and sipping wine and whipping that cream, in the midst of a BIG party---the ease with which you entertain belies the actual hard WORK it takes to prepare for such an elegant occasion.

Now, see----I'd have had that cream whipped just before I headed for my pre-dressing shower, spooned into a Tupperware and snugged into the fridge, to be spooned at dessert time into a pretty bowl for presentation. Once the guests hit the door, it's merry chaos until the end.

I ALWAYS miss something or forget something (and tonight was a b-day celebration HERE as well---six of us for DS' Day. Caro says I HAVE to blog about our silly dessert service tomorrow---I kept getting my hands mixed up and handing around the wrong thing, to great gales of laughter from everyone).

I do love a sepia photo, but would love to have seen all the colors of the dishes down the table. Your skills with cooking AND camera are amazing.