Smoked tempeh (with a vengeance)

It really, really bothers me when Dennis doesn't like something I cook. I don't mind it so much when I expect it (when I make any type of soup that combines pulses and pasta, for instance, or when I make something with strawberries, or if I ever would dare to make him something with purslane again.) It's when I don't expect it when it bothers me the most. So when I was swooning over the smoked tempeh, and he said "it's good, but not great, and it's weird, because I want my tempeh with Asian food" I knew I had to fix that. A couple of days later I made another batch of smoked tempeh, not only perfecting the smoking process (cutting the tempeh in small cubes and smoking at a lower temperature for longer), but, also, serving it with rice, ketjap-sambal marinated and grilled chicken, and a spicy peanut sauce.

It was amazingly good and the only ting that made me sad that night was that I had not written down the proportions for the chicken marinade. The chicken was fantastic, sticky and sweet and spicy with nicely charred bits of skin and juicy meat. I need to make that again.. if I can recreate it, that is.

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