Coffee, Happiness


Remember when I was looking for coffee?


The good news is, I found it. I found great coffee, in a friendly place, where everybody who works there is passionate about the coffee they serve. Where they make you a filter coffee right there when you ask for it. You sit at your table and watch someone slowly, attentively, carefully pour water on a Melitta filter. Just for you. And before they do that, they ask you what kind of coffee you like. Earthy? with sweet undertones? a hint of apricot or chocolate? It´s all possible. And the coffee, when it arrives, is so good that it wakes you up and makes you smile. In the way only a really good cup of coffee can.


That´s the good news. The bad news is that this coffee place is only in Amsterdam temporarily. It´s an ´installation café´, from Stumptown Roasters, a coffee company from the US west coast. It´s still not exactly clear to me why they are here, and why they are only here for 3 months. All that I know is that I´m so happy to have found them and so sad they will be gone by August.

Amsterdammers, go get some great coffee while you can!

contentment all around..


MEM said...

Is that a better-than-average croissant in the photo, or does it just look like one?

Klary Koopmans said...

it is a pretty good croissant. I think all their pastries are from Meyssen.

klarakapucine said...

Aantrekkelijke foto's Klary. Ga zeker die kant eens op voor ik het land verlaat.

MEM said...

Aaaand...do you know if those prices on the blackboard are per kilo of coffee? I'm full of questions b/c we've been talking about going for a few weeks now.

Klary Koopmans said...

Yes, I think they´re the prices per kilo. Could´t really be anything else I think...

rudidement said...

Dear Klary, you took me by surprise. I rushed to Albert Cuijp soon after consuming this post. A dreamshop. Wonderful people, good demonstrations, explanations, and a mighty fine cup-a.
And now, the morning after, loaded with their secret Stumptown powder, i did it all by myself, yes. My obsessive coffee-brewing method is changed forever. This must be the good life, except for the closedown today. Petition their manager and pray them to stay.

Klary Koopmans said...

glad you enjoyed it.. I went there on Monday for my last cup, am so sad that they're gone now.. I bought a stumptown mug as a souvenir, but for the real thing, we have to go to Portland Oregon now I'm afraid!